Startup Events 2016: A curated list

It’s that time of the year again: You are taking a look at possible startup events which are taking place in 2016 which are taking place around your country. I get it! You want to meet new people, pitch your new business and perhaps as well close a deal or two. That’s exactly where I am at the moment! Desperately searching the internet to find the right startup events. However, I got a bit frustrated, because it took me hours to find something suitable, since I had to check a number of websites manually to finally create a list of upcoming startup events I wanted to visit.

So…to save you from going though the endless jungle of event websites, social media and ads, I decided to share my event list with the world: I have created a curated list with over 500+ startup events which I found during my search adventure and add them to this interactive calendar. The events where posted on over 40+ tech blogs and websites such as TNW, Buffer and others. Now, you can easily search events by location and event type or add them very easily to your own calendar. Best part: I will keep updating the calendar every 2 weeks with fresh startup events 2016.

Check it out and happy event hunting! 🙂

Startup Events 2016


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