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My quick story

Somewhere during school time, I realized that I was searching for something more than just the standard life and founded my first startup at the age of 18. While building and growing this startup, I realized that there were barely any resources to help early stage entrepreneurs to successfully grow their business.

In 2013, I realized that not finding a helping hand can be a major problem, and decided to leave my founded startup and help passionate entrepreneurs promote and improve their business as a startup mentor.

Today, I’ve shifted my mission and devoted my time and energy to help young entrepreneurs with startup matters and promote entrepreneurship. To help others achieve their goals and be that startup mentor which I was once looking for.

Milan works hard by working smart. It was great to have his support at Startup Pirates @ Maastricht. In addition, he's an absolute pleasure to chat with: he's articulate, smart and genuinely cares about other people.

Inês Santos Silva Startup Pirates

Milan is a young, energetic and inspiring mentor. He constantly challenged my product with its business model and helped me nail my pitch down to a clear and concise story.

Martijn Jansen Memory Atlas

Milan excelled in bringing ideas and thoughts to the table that were really “out the box”, sometimes these can become confusing and often get discarded however Milan managed to get these across in a clear and focused way.

Jonathan Knegtel Jetwise

Milan is a dedicated mentor, attentive listener and generous adviser. With his knowledge and positive energy, he inspired us to do more and better. Thanks to Milan we made it to the winner’s stage!

Sandra Tošić The Epoharium App

Milan served as a capable advisor during the launch of Clarity Content and helped me decide upon an entry mode for the Dutch and Spanish markets.

Colin SpaldingClarity Content
Love them!

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