This is the first episode of my new podcast format, this is where everything begins! This episode is rather short and will explain the podcast format, future topics, and the reasons why I am launching the World of Sales podcast.

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Lessons learned

Well, you got to start at some point.

Dig Deeper

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Something new – Listen to this!

Introducing my new podcast format – World of Sales Podcast: Sales stories, adventures, and advice in a whole new way.

It all started two years ago: Somewhere in August 2013, when I decided to launch my very first personal website to give all my startup mentoring advise a new home. In the last two years, several blog posts, videos and guides were created and distributed on this website. The vision was clear to me since day one: Both offline and online I wanted to help passionate digital entrepreneurs grow their startups into strong, scalable and successful companies.

Ready for a new sales podcast experience?

Today, I am going one step further by launching my new podcast format. As a salesman myself, I have listened to over 28 sales podcasts during the last two years – That’s around thousand hours of content and topics from cold calling to good sales habits to of course overcoming rejections etc. As the topics mostly overlapped, I was truly missing the practical side – How can I as early stage entrepreneur write good sales emails or how do I get started with outbound emails.I was lacking the next step after simply listing to a podcast to the real work I have to do as an entrepreneur to get started with sales.

The World of Sales is a business podcast telling the stories and adventures of sales people from around the world who are using modern data-driven sales to close deals and grow their businesses. But that only the first part: Each episode will feature in-depth interviews with sales experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, who will explore issues, trends and showcase their sales secrets. Rather than just listening to these stories, you will have the chance to as well easily implement these tips and recommendations into your daily life. Simply download useful pre-made templates, guides and material to get started.

The World of Sales podcast is focused on quality of interviews and stories, not quantity. Each episode is created to help you directly implement the new information in a real world context.

You can find the World of Sales podcast on iTunes and wherever podcasts are distributed. For more information on what I am working on, follow the podcast program on Facebook and Twitter. I am excited to experiment a new medium and hope it will help you! Let me know what you think!


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