How will the future sales reps daily routine look like? Which tools will become important and which tools might become obsolete. With AI and new emerging technology, a lot of changes are coming. My today’s guest takes the guess-work out of the equation because he is building the future of sales already today. Jamasen will give us some insights into his work and his view of the future. We had a chat about AI, Iron Man and Kylie: the first fully autonomous A.I. sales rep.

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Jamasen Rodriguez
Legion Analytics (CEO)

Lessons learned

1. Sales is here to stay! (16:35)

The future of sales looks bright and sales is definitely here to stay. Even with all the analytics, AI, and new emerging technology, organizations will still need sales reps to build relationships and trust with potential customers.

2. AI will replace the front-line workforce (18:30)

According to Jameson, AI will replace the front-line workforce and particularly the SDR role by the year 2025 – 2030. However, it’s important to understand that the SDR role will not become obsolete, but rather transform: AI will be able to do all the menial tasks and the SDR will be responsible for the higher level strategy.

3. Sales AI: Ironman and much more (22:10)

The future of sales is a lot like Ironman: Future sales reps might be interacting with a system which will empower them to do more sales and engage with potential customers in a much faster and informative way. The main role of AI in future sales deals will be to assist the sales reps in closing deals fast, but never actually replacing the sales rep itself.

AI for future sales reps is like Tony Stark for Iron Man: It's build to empower the other half, but never to replace it.

Jamasen RodriguezLegion Analytics (CEO)

Episode Notes

Technology never stands still: it’s always changing, adapting and progressing, and oftentimes things that seemed improbable one year can quickly start becoming possible only a few short years afterward. In the last episodes, we have heard the stories of industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are building today the future sales products of tomorrow. One of them is Jamasen Rodriguez who is building together with his other team members the first fully autonomous A.I. Sales Rep called Kylie. In these episode notes, we will take a closer look at Kylie and how the future in some cases is already quite close to reality.

Meet Kylie

Kylie is here to help you take full control of your emails: The intelligent AI system will draft emails when she is confident in her responses and provides you with weekly email activity for your stats. It is up to the human to send the draft. Furthermore, Kylie can as well find prospects, send emails, and generate drafts when paired with Legion Analytics lead gen tool.


Here are the three main features:


Quick drafts:
Kylie will draft up a response based on your past email data. Review, edit, & hit send.

Set Kylie to autopilot and she’ll automatically send email responses.

24/7 Monitoring:
With 24/7 email monitoring, your emails are taken care of.

How to get started?

Kylie is available to anyone in sales/marketing who signs up. It’s free. To get started all you do is connect your Gmail and you’re done. You have Kylie working for you.

Try Kylie now


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