The story for this blog post takes us back a couple of months to April 2016, where I, as usual, came across some new interesting piece of information on the internet. To be a bit more precise: I came across a video which was posted by an organization called Mokrin House of Ideas. They promoted a rural co-working and co-living space located in the north of Serbia. Just as you’re probably questioning yourself right now so did I ask myself: What is this all about? Why Serbia? There was basically no other choice, than to grab my suitcase and fly south to Serbia to check out this newly opened place. In this blog post, I want to show you around the Mokrin House coworking space and give you my personal thoughts about the place:

Coworking? What’s that?

Working from home can have a lot of pitfalls: Your Wi-Fi is patchy, you get distracted by other chores which need to get done etc. Luckily, cities around the world are awash with a variety of coworking options where members can work side by side with like-minded individuals in a focused community. Coworking spaces operate like startup campuses, providing eager freelancers, remotely stationed employees or startups with outlets, WiFi, and a desk, as well as access to angel investors, VCs, and workshops. Coworking spaces around the world are a fertile breeding ground for collaboration between entrepreneurs, designers, and developers. They are providing both the spaces and knowledge to help you get started with your ideas.

Mokrin House: A different approach to coworking

Compared to other coworking spaces throughout Europe, the Mokrin House is even a bit more special: Located in a small village called Mokrin in northern Serbia, it’s both a modern coworking and coliving space in an urban spot with a rural surrounding. It’s the perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, who are looking to escape big cities and enjoy working in the countryside. The main difference to other coworking spaces? It’s definitely the service! The Mokrin House is not simply a coworking space that offers you a desk and WiFi, it’s the all-in-one startup home of your dreams. It brings together the best of coworking, hotel, and restaurant all under one roof. The best part is that you book everything for one fee and you don’t need to worry about anything, except your work or startup.

The space is open 24 hours a day and it’s fully isolated from the accommodation part of the estate. That means you can work as long as you want and just walk over the campus to your bed. Somebody works best in the morning, someone past midnight. Some like to be alone, while others best focus in crowds. Sitting down or relaxing in a lazy bag – you can have it all in Mokrin House.

The Mokrin House community is very diverse: People from all over the world and from all over Serbia have chosen Mokrin as their new home to work, live and enjoy life. The diverse mix of different occupations and experiences mixed with a number of different cultures and backgrounds has created a strong community feeling amongst residents.

Starting at 42 EUR/day (264 EUR/week or 907 EUR/month), coworkers pay for the accommodation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. That price includes:

– Large desk w/ WiFi
– All outdoor facilities
– Coffee & Tea
– 3 daily homemade meals
– Workshops & Seminars

Here are my three favorite things:


AccommodationsThe Mokrin House offers several different types of accommodations suited for both individuals and smaller groups and teams. You can choose between shared rooms with 6 beds, private rooms can host one or two people and comfort rooms, which is the ultimate comfort in a spacious, beautifully designed room.

Outdoor experience: As a busy entrepreneur, keeping a healthy work and life balance is the key to a happy life. That’s why the Mokrin House offers a variety of after-hours activities such as educational seminars, cooking classes, movie nights and many random activities.

Homemade Meals: Everyone here is extremely passionate about good food! Therefore, you can grab three yummy, homemade, healthy meals per day which are prepared by a chef onsite. Oh, the best part: Three meals a day are included in the price of an overnight room.

I knew we were on the right track when a coworker told me that she found true balance at Mokrin House. She is going to use the Mokrin House experience as a benchmark to how she wants to live her life and run her business.

Ivan BrkljačProject Leader

The final verdict

The Mokrin House is a sterling example of how young and passionate entrepreneurs in Serbia are shaping and building their own country’s startup community. Mokrin fits perfectly in and is basically an all-in-one startup home of your dreams, which brings together the best of coworking, hotel and restaurant all under one roof. The best part of the Mokrin House I personally enjoyed the most was the rural surrounding: It gives the entire coworking experience a very special touch, since after a busy working day you can simply step out the door and enjoy nature. For busy urban people, who are stuck in traffic jams and are squeezed into overfilled trains during their commute, this really makes a difference and helps you not only to relax but really achieve that healthy work and life balance. All in all, the Mokrin House has definitely become one of my favorite places to stay and work, simply because of the fact that it offers everything you need in such an amazing environment. You should definitely check out the website and stop by if your in Serbia.


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