In recent years, Facebook has made a lot of significant changes to its targeted ads services. Marketers can now very easily send users directly to their website or allow them to signup for newsletters and other subscriptions. But there was one key feature missing in the wonderful world of Facebook ad marketing: An easy and fast way to collect sales leads and import them straight into your CRM.

Since social selling is slowly “Growing up” and getting more advanced features to make selling on social media even more smarter, Facebook has officially joined the game by introducing Lead Ads. Now marketers and sales teams don’t need to ask customers to fill out any forms, but can rather get the customer information directly from Facebook. Leads Ads makes the signup process easier by automatically providing the contact information, such as email addresses, from the customer. Furthermore, brands can now better leverage Lead Ads thanks to a direct integration into CRM systems such as Salesforce, Sailthru, Maropost, Marketo, Driftrock, and Eloqua. This new feature, allows businesses to also customize their lead forms with targeted questions to make the lead scoring of social leads even easier.

Lead Ads is definitely a game changer in the social selling sphere. The new CRM integrations, and Facebook’s partnership with Salesforce, will make this new approach of collecting leads on social media networks to the industry standard and help businesses around to world to tap into social selling by collecting leads beyond just a fancy signup form on some website.

  • I think we need to be careful to not confuse social selling with social media marketing. This ad feature by Facebook doesn’t really fall under social selling or even a 2.0 version. It’s still, what Josh Mait calls in his post you referenced, “shouting” even if it is targeted. However, the activities that follow by the sales organization, should complement such a social media marketing campaign by understanding the origination of the lead and developing a buyer’s journey that caters to their interests.


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