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It’s June and it’s half time for this year! Following the monthly ritual, I once again put together a list of some of the best international startup events you might be interested in attending. Maybe you’re looking to stay on top of emerging trends in your industry, or get a read on what your customers are excited about. Perhaps you’re actively networking for clients, vendors or even a new job. Or you might only be looking to mingle with your peers in more informal surroundings. Regardless of your intent, there’s never a wrong reason to maintain a network of professionals and experts.

To save you from going through the endless jungle of event websites, social media and ads, I decided to share my event list with the world: Every month, I create a comprehensive curated list of events which are taking place around the world. Check out the events which are taking place in February and look as well at the next upcoming months in this interactive calendar with over 800+ startup events.

Here are the newest startup events taking place this month. Just to mention some highlights for this month:

Check out all the other events and happy event hunting!

june, 2017

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29mayallday02junalldayWebinale Berlin 2017Location:Berlin,Europe,Germany

31mayallday02junalldayANA/BMA17: Masters of B2B MarketingLocation:Chicago,USA

31mayallday01junalldayWorld Business Forum: Be BetaLocation:Australia

01junalldayalldayDigital Festival 2017Location:Brussels,Europe

01junallday02alldayPioneers FestivalLocation:Europe

01junallday02alldayDeep Learning in Finance Summit, London 2017Location:Europe,London

01junallday02alldayDeep Learning in Finance Summit, Singapore 2017Location:Asia

04junallday09alldayBetter Software West ConferenceLocation:USA

04junallday09alldayAgile Dev West ConferenceLocation:USA

04junallday09alldayDevOps West ConferenceLocation:USA

05junallday09alldaySocial Media Week - SMWLALocation:Los Angeles,USA

06junallday10alldaySocial Media Week - MilanLocation:Europe

06junallday10alldaySocial Media Week - SMWMEXICOLocation:Mexico,South America

07junallday09alldayNY Tech SummitLocation:USA

07junallday09allday99ULocation:New York,USA

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